All us protocols to evaluation the best treatment for you provide by assistance of Doctor condition evaluations, nutrition supplements, Personal training and Aesthetic Treatment.
All body’s need to be educated and need to understanding all this process happening to work at the right way to give us the results, we expect.

In the Aesthetic practice, we going to create a personal protocol to treat the fat loss, skin firming and elimination of the all toxins in the body, using the best equipment’s, products the high quality. If it’s necessary combining the Lymphatic drainage massage and manual massage to contouring the body.

With a deep professionalism and knowledge of results of Medical research when we united the all those combinations therapy, the results after finish the treatment the body still processing everything and the final results is going to stay permanent.

To complementary the treatment, between the sessions we indication the best – bio cosmetic product technology in the Beauty Industry, to give a best result.
We needed fill confident, Health and Beauty about us. It’s really important the balance between mind and body – this is a composition energetic of the happiness.

Prices based after an evaluation