Firmness is the brand new treatment developed by Bothanica Mineral® Brazilian company for skin and muscle flaccidity. Associates nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and electrotherapy.

Antioxidant compounds, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and collagen peptides Verisol – the best technology of the moment to stimulate collagen (in capsules).

Cosmeceuticals – Composed of a blend vitamins, minerals and antioxidant substances(topical use).

Electrotherapy – For muscle stimulation. After the pregnancy process the excess skin that appears after the birth has as origin the separation of the muscles of the abdominal wall and the rectum that separate to give room to the growth and development of the baby in the uterus. Other factors such as genetics, weight loss, age and especially the hormonal variations of the production of collagen and elastin are the main causes of sagging.


– Improves muscle tone
– Can achieve academy result, together with the electrical stimulator It is suitable for: – Postpartum (with or without rectus abdominis)
– Post-bariatric
– Facial Rejuvenation
– Weight Loss Processes
– Infants –

Can be applied: with special protocol for:

Abdomen Flanks Arms Thighs Buttocks Face

Lap Neck Hands

With the right combination of treatments, the results are impressive.

Prices based after an valuation