Stretch marks appear when the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin rupture. The “scratches” that appear are scars formed when the skin is very stretched in a short time. When the connective tissue is stretched, the tear results in what’s called an epidermis atrophy along the area that has been damaged. Once this happens, the epidermis becomes thin and loses it ridges, breaking the elastic fibers and causing the epidermis to retract.

They are common in men and women – especially in the growth phase, pregnancy and weight swings. It is as if the skin could not keep up with the growth of the body so quickly.

Treatments: Peelings, Micro-needling

The choice of peeling depends on the problem being treated and the skin type, both perform a microdermabrasion, removing the most superficial layer of the skin. Stronger peels can be used to treat stretch marks while they are red.

The microneedle is the only way to work deeply inside the fibers of the elasticity to regenerate and restore the collagen fibers were damage. It helps the skin to recovering those stretch marks, which restores the contours of your skin’s surface.

The results can always begin to be seeing in the first session.

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