Regardless of the desired function, manipulation of the body tissue with correct pressure in the muscles, joints and organs produces a powerful and pleasant relaxing effect.

The health benefits that massage can provide are the ability to improve stress and anxiety disorders. It is based on “meditation”, that is, when one undergoes the massage, he / she almost automatically becomes meditated, due to the physical and psychic relaxation to which he / she is exposed, causing him / her to concentrate more on himself and to internalize, getting rid of the external environment.

The feeling of relaxation that we feel comes from the mind, really free from pressures in a moment of calm and also from the inside of our body. With the touch the muscles remove the tension of their fibers causing them to be further apart and consequently relaxed.

Because of this, massage can also be used as a treatment for injuries or muscular pains by making the circulation more active in the massaged area as well as causing the muscle

to be free of tensions, as a consequence, control the levels of long-term stress with lasting effects.

Price | $89 – 60 minutes