Do you know that fear of not “fit” in the dress before that super party? What if you could worry about anything but your measurements?

That’s why SCULPTURE MED SPA is full of news to make you beautiful because we take care of you.

Known by the term “To fit into the dress the next day” Flash Detox is a massage that “detoxifies” the fat cells, making them work in perfect condition, eliminating the toxic waste and providing its immediate elimination. In just one session you get the result.

How does “detoxification” occur on the skin?

By eliminating the residues generated at the cellular level aiming to maintain cell homeostasis, regenerate its metabolism and cellular longevity.

The massage done is associated with the thermal blanket for 30 minutes and will be activated with electrotherapy to boost the action of the active.

Each region of the body will have an action and result of the product, being:

. For fat – Flash detox inhibits the process of storing fat, meaning it does not allow fat from improving metabolism.
. For flaccidity – It has improved production of collagen and elastin, benefiting the skin against sagging.

. For cellulite – With improved circulation, collagen and elastin, there is decreased swelling, elimination of toxins, decreased cellulite.

This enabled the creation of the FLASH DETOX protocol. Deep cell detoxification protocol associating many technologies and cutting-edge assets, able to reduce measures immediately since the first session. Tested and proven!

Come and see these and other procedures at the Sculpture to you!

Price | $150 per session or packs after an evaluation