This is a treatment with a special technique where after a general evaluation of the face, we can identify the real deficiency of the skin that could be tissue and muscle flaccidity, caused by the drastic loss of collagen and elastin of both, due to poor eating habits and outside external factors.

In order to deal with these deficiencies a Brazilian cosmetic company has created specific products with a differentiated technology.
Upon contact with the skin these specific active ingredients will identify the areas of collagen and will be absorbed rapidly into the cells, accelerating the chemical reactions, promoting immediate cell repair promoting nutrition, revitalization and hydration. together with the whole process, the tissue tonus and muscle are recovered from the treated area.

– Helps increase collagen production – Decrease aging
– Moisturizes and revitalizes the skin – Reduces the appearance of sagging

Price for Face – Neck – Decollate – Hands | $150 – $320